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    Instantly connect with U.S. and International specialists, skipping the long wait times, and access unparalleled medical expertise rapidly and efficiently.

    Experience the convenience of telehealth merged with top-tier U.S. and international medical expertise, ensuring comprehensive healthcare directly from the comfort of your home.

    Consultations at your fingertips

    Discover the unparalleled ease of consulting with leading U.S. and international doctors from your home, combining time-saving convenience with exceptional, high-quality medical care and no long wait times. With 2MDOpinion, rest assured that your medical consultations are conducted with the utmost privacy and security. Meeting and exceeding all privacy standards, ensuring confidentiality and trust in every interaction.


    Real-Time Translation

      Feature Coming Soon! Real-time, speech-to-speech translation technology that is uniquely optimized to translate medical conversations.
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    How It Works

    Everything is done online and securely, saving you the time and expense of traveling. Talk to a specialist, no matter where you are.

    1. Find the right specialist

    After online registration, use our search to find the specialist that is best suited for your needs. If unable to find the right specialist, we will source our networks and connect you with one. Connect with our free patient assistance provided by top medical internists. Email : [email protected]

    2. Skip the waiting room

    View the medical specialists' profile, availability and choose a time that works for you.

    3. Connect with your specialist

    Use our chat feature to message and upload any relevant documents for the specialist. The doctor will review, discuss areas of concern, answer your questions about your symptoms, review your diagnosis and give you advice on treatment plans during the video consultation session.

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    ▪ Internal medicine
    ▪ Endocrine

    ▪ Gastroenterology
    ▪ Neurology
    ▪ Allergy

    ▪ Rheumatology
    ▪ Hepatology (liver)
    ▪ Geriatrics

    How It Works

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • 1. What are your fees?

      No subscription is required. You only pay the doctor fee for the appointments you schedule!

    • 2. How long is the wait time to see a specialist?

      Once you've registered and found the specialist you are looking for, view the specialists' availability, you can select a time that works for you.

    • 3. Do you offer services in different languages?

      Yes! You have the option of using our real-time, speech-to-speech translation technology which translates in multiple languages (coming soon!), send a link and connect a family member or friend to translate or use our third-party translator service. Many of our doctors are also multilingual!

    • 4. How quickly can I get a consultation?

      Gain immediate access to specialists, often within the same day of your request when a specialist is available.

    • 5. Are consultations with 2MDOpinion affordable?

      Yes, our services are cost-effective, eliminating the need for expensive travel to the U.S. or abroad.

    • 6. Can I choose my own specialist?

      Absolutely, you have the freedom to select from a wide range of top U.S. and international specialists.

    Coming Soon!

    Real-Time Translation Technology

    The Estecharat/2MDOpinion platform will help overcome any language barriers by automatically and accurately pulling in text-based translations - as you speak.

    Medically-Optimized Translation

    Our platform is empowered with real-time, speech-to-speech translation technology that is uniquely optimized to translate medical conversations.

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