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    2MDOpinion.com (Estecharat.com in the MENA region) is a leading digital healthcare platform that connects patients with world-renowned North American and international medical specialists for consultation and medical second opinion services. Patients will have direct contact with the best specialists who will help them navigate their healthcare journey. A medical second opinion can bring new alternatives to light, increase confidence and offer peace of mind and the emotional comfort that can come with it.

    Why Would I Need
    a Second Opinion?

    Doctors across the world practice different methods of treatment – so their diagnoses and recommendations can be different. For this reason, more patients are turning to doctors for second opinions. Patients are encouraged to get second opinions when:

    Real-Time Translation Technology

    The Estecharat/2MDOpinion platform will help overcome any language barriers by automatically and accurately pulling in text-based translations - as you speak.

    Medically-Optimized Translation

    Our platform is empowered with real-time, speech-to-speech translation technology that is uniquely optimized to translate medical conversations.

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