Increase Your Income

    As a flexible independent consultant, you can compliment your current practice and generate an extra revenue stream by going fully or partially with Estecharat/2MDOpinion.

    Flexible Scheduling and Fees

    Estecharat/2MDOpinion enables you to set your own schedules and counseling fees. Maintain seamless connectivity and deliver virtual care - throughout the patient care session.

    Real-Time Translation Solution

    We help remove a major obstacle to entry by breaking down language barriers with real-time medically optimized speech-to-speech translation services.

    Expand Your Services
    To Patients Worldwide

    Provide second opinion consultation to patients worldwide by using our highly advanced platform that provides patient care – anytime, anywhere. Estecharat/2MDOpinion offers a virtual video interface with medical documents access for mobile or desktop with a medically optimized speech-to-speech translation that will help facilitate performance improvements and increase patient satisfaction.

    Delivering Quality Healthcare

    Expand Access to
    Patient Care

    Prioritize care delivery, triage each case, and improve communication by using our platform to improve patient care – anytime, anywhere. Estecharat offer a virtual video interface for mobile or desktop with medically optimized speech-to-speech translation that will help facilitate performance improvements and increase patient satisfaction.

    • Accept and reject patient requests, at your discretion.
    • Improves patient engagement with remote monitoring.
    • Improves clinical workflows and increases practice efficiency.
    • Reduces practice overhead, cut patient costs.

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    Flexibility In Work

    Earn Extra Income

    As a flexible independent consultant you can complement your current practise and generate income in your spare time.With the simplicity and user-friendliness of our platform, doctors can attract and retain more patients and earn extra income on their own terms.

    • No direct expenses incurred
    • No office or administrative overhead to provide your service
    • Reach patients worldwide and communicate in their own language
    • Take advantage of our discounted fee offers

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    Comfort and Convenience

    As telemedicine has become widespread, professionals and patients have grown more comfortable connecting virtually.

    Confirmed Patients Appointments

    We remove the border and transportation barrier, allowing patients to attend their confirmed appointments from wherever they are and whenever fits their time schedule.

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